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We specialize in Custom Architectural Design and Construction Management and have proven experience on a wide variety of Commercial and Residential Projects.

Thomas and Roxanne Knapp established our company in 1995 with over 30 years of combined experience in the field of Architecture and a strong background in Construction Management.  We take pride in addressing our client's very specific needs and are always willing to tackle a new project of any scope or scale.  

Each project is important to us and we strive to provide the best design product possible for each of our clients, regardless of their background or previous development experience. 

The two principles come from both sides of Architectural Design, with Thomas Knapp working primarily in Residential Design and Roxanne Knapp working primarily on larger Commercial Facilities. In the past 15 Years we have completed a wide variety of well detailed and highly specialized residential and commercial facilities.   

Past Project Types include: Custom Single Family Homes, Additions and Remodeling, Multi-Family Residential Developments, Townhouses, Condominiums, New Commercial Buildings, Small Build-Outs, Corporate Interiors, Restaurants Nightclubs and Bars, Retail Stores, Doctors Offices and Outpatient Facilities, Industrial Facilities, Handicap Accessibility Projects, US Armed Forces Facilities and Historic Preservation Projects  

Whether you are a small business looking to expand your operation into a new facility or want to simply remodel an existing facility to meet your needs, whether you want to build a new single family home or remodel your high rise condominium, build a new addition for a Master Bedroom / Master Bathroom Suite or simply remodel your existing Kitchen or Bathroom,  TR Knapp Architects has the experience that you need to plan the project and build it to your specifications.  

We firmly believe that      
Client Satisfaction is the difference between getting what you asked for and getting what you dreamed of.

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