We wholeheartedly believe in Historic Preservation - not because we want to provide museum pieces of the past, but because we believe the past is a significant part of our future.

But Historic Preservation is more than that. By maintaining and preserving the integral parts of our Architectural Legacy, we not only provide a much needed connection to our cultural identity, we are also conserving natural resources by adaptively reusing significant structures and infrastructure far beyond their apparent life cycles, breathing new life into structures that would otherwise be headed towards the landfill.

We have had the great opportunity to work on several "National Historic Landmarks", to be part of "Adaptive Reuse" and to work with skilled craftsman in the restoration of many beautiful pieces of cultural legacy.

We have done projects ranging from Exterior Facade Restorations, Whole House Remodeling, Warehouse Conversions, Mixed Use Commercial Developments and Landscape Restorations.

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Historic Preservation Projects

George W. Maher
Various Historic Homes

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation is often misunderstood.

Most people instantly think about 80-150 year old architectural masterpieces like Chicago's Rookery or Monadnock Buildings, Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater or Home & Studio, or maybe the Painted Ladies that line the hills of San Francisco's Historic Districts.

But the simple fact is - Historical Architecture is around us every day.  The historic fabric of our commercial downtowns, the local landmarks that we are proud to have on our block, the simple detailing that make your own home special to you and make you proud homeowners - these are the backbone of our communities - these are what makes living in our society special on a daily basis.​